Norwegian composer based in Oslo. Likes the multifaceted, labyrinthine, witty and perplexing. A student of musical structures and how they relate to our lifes via thoughts and feelings.

Røshol's music has been performed by BIT20 Ensemble, SISU Percussion and Mimitabu. In 2016, violinist Ole Böhn commissioned a duo for violin and cello which he premiered with US cellist Chriss Gross (Talea ensemble) at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo in January 2017.

Røshol finished his master studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo in 2016 under the guidance of professor Asbjørn Schaathun. He earned his B.Mus. from the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, and have also been taking courses in musicology at the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo.

I’m a composer living and working in Oslo. I also play the guitar and enjoy coffee as well as reading. I want to be careful about giving any specific meaning to my music as I believe that the search for meaning is a personal act that the listener should be at liberty to do by him or herself.

That being said, there are certainly some general values I would like to uphold and which might say something about the the type of music I aim to write. Above all, I would like to write a type of music that is manifolded, with a great variety of musical characters and textures, but also clear in it's structure and intent. I see my work as a composer as someone that is exploring musical structures - how they relate to time and processes of change, and how they are intertwined and shaped into something meaningful.

If you want to read more about me and what I have done as a composer, you can download the biography or my CV down below. If you want to read more about my music please visit the «Works» area of the site, where you can read about my pieces as well as upcoming projects.