In a Matrix of Surrounding Space


In a Matrix of Surrounding Space


Percussion trio





First Performance

PULS Festival, Oslo
SISU Percussion

«In a Matrix of Surrounding Space» (2015) was written for and premiered by the Norwegian percussion ensemble SISU. The piece was created through a project with SISU and nyMusikk komponistgruppe (a group organizing project's for young composers) that I was lucky to be involved in.

Using only non-pitched percussion instruments, grouped according to their materials of wood, skin/hide, and metal, and making the players switch between the different groups several times during the piece, I was hoping to create an interesting effect that would contribute to general shape and movement of the music in itself. Also, I have always felt that music for percussion has a more ritualistic element than other types of chamber music and I wanted to embrace this and make it an important part of the piece.

Both the general structure and local rhythms were derived from a polyrhythm involving three different strands of pulses, one for each player. They converge once at the beginning and a second time at the end of the piece. Between these two points, there are a number of different textures, exploring many different relationships between the three different players and their rhythmic materials and the instruments different timbral qualities.