Livorno Fragments (2019)

  • Instrumentation

    Soprano, clarinet, piano and percussion

  • Duration

    3,5 min.

  • First performance

    Maria Eleonora Caminada, Gabriel Bechini, Simone Librale & Samuel Baldi

    Livorno Music Festival
    ISSM P. Mascagni, Livorno, Italy

«Livorno Fragments» was written this past summer for a composition workshop held at Livorno Music Festival 2019 in Italy. We composers were put in groups and worked collaboratively setting music to poems by Livorno-born poet Giorgio Caproni. The four short pieces on the program are fragments in a double sense - firstly because of the heavy editing, I did on most of Caproni’s already fragmented poems, isolating words, phrases and crossing out entire sections, and secondly because the pieces are removed from their original context of the premiere in Livorno. The poems are from Caproni’s posthumous work «Res Amissa» (Lost Things) and I wanted to bring to life the feeling of distant memories, brief feelings and disjointed stories that I found in the text. In the future, I hope to add more pieces to the collection.

– From the program note for the performance by the Seattle Modern Orchestra 03.11.2019.

Recording from the premiere: