Ode to Enchanted Light (2011)

These three pieces were composed between 2010 - 2011. The first piece was written in fall 2010, the second during winter 2011 and lastly the third piece was finished in the spring the same year.

The titles are taken from three of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s (1904 -1973) odes, which are all dealing with natural light in some way. In each piece, I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere of the poem in the way it portrays light and it´s surroundings.

The first piece, Ode to Enchanted Light, has calm and peaceful music suggested by Neruda's magical words describing light falling through the canopy «like clean white sand».

The second piece, Ode to the Light on the Sea, has a much faster pace, but is still somewhat calm, with wavelike dynamics softening the continuous rhythmic ostinatos. Harmonics are used to mimic the glistening of light reflected on the surface of the sea and waves. Indeed, harmonics are used throughout all the pieces to suggest light in it’s natural and most pure form.

The third piece, Ode to a Star, has a darker mood, but the stars on the sky shine through at certain moments throughout the piece. There is a revisitation of previous material before ending in a coda that brings back the nocturnal mood of the beginning.