Anders Torgunrud Røshol


Anders Torgunrud Røshol is a Norwegian composer who mainly works with acoustic music. Through his work, Røshol often explores the potential of contrasting musical ideas to generate new and unexpected material. His music has been performed and recorded internationally, and he has collaborated with some of Norway's leading ensembles, such as Oslo Sinfonietta, BIT20 Ensemble, and SISU percussion. His piece, "Swiveling in a Flexible Unison," commissioned by BIT20 Ensemble, was nominated for the Edvard Prize in 2022.

Recently, Røshol completed a large setting of six poems by Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen for baritone, guitar, and ensemble premiered at the Nordic Poetry Festival. He is currently working on a new solo piece for saxophonist Ola Aasdahl Rokkones and a new work for the vocal group Nordic Voices.

Contact information

    En verden bortenfor øynene

    Bernt Ola Volungholen
    Ole Martin Huser-Olsen
    Oslo Sinfonietta, Christian Eggen.

    Hedmarksmuseets aula, Hamar.
    Nordisk Poesifestival

    Edvard-price nomination

    I'm very happy and grateful to be one of the nominees for TONOs EDVARD-prize for contemporary music 2022.

    Swiveling in A Flexible Unison

    BIT20 Ensemble, Christian Karlsen.

    Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway.